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Arete is only as strong as the people it employs. We thrive on creativity and collaboration. Check back often
for opportunities to join our unique team.

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Our team at Arete works with our clients in a variety of roles to deliver solutions to the problems that impact their most important missions.

Employee Benefits

Arete recognizes the importance of employee benefits and strives to provide the very best, including health insurance coverage that starts on day 1. We offer a generous 401(k) match, a flexible work schedule, and ample paid leave,
including paid time off for community service. 


Arete began its summer internship program in 2019. Our interns work out of Arete Headquarters in Fredericksburg, Va., where they have direct access to the company President and a front-row seat to see how things are done here.
If you're interested in becoming the next Arete intern, e-mail
Jeni Eichberg at

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